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A Passion for Flowers

Almost 12 months ago to the day we started farming flowers, driven by a combination of the years tumultuous events and a passion for flowers.

Through this and future blog posts, our first venture in this space we share our journey, what we have learned and the beauty surrounding us.

The setting, Yarra View Farm is nestled on the southern end of the Great Dividing Range in Kinglake Victoria. Blessed with amazing views of Steels Creek and the Yarra Valley, but tempered by a regular buffeting from northerly winds the farm is surrounded by forests one three sides and home to abundant wild life. The property was once a nursery but only a couple of concrete water tanks survived the 2009 fires, the scars are still visible after all this time.

As a relatively new small family business are goals are simple, sure we need to make some money to pay the bills like everyone else, but otherwise we want to bring happiness and beauty through our flowers.

We look forward to sharing our journey with you,

Mandy & Wayne

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