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Meet Eleanor, Finn and Rey

Our family includes farm animals of course. They provide valuable mowing service, turning into poop which we use to turn into nutrient rich compost for our farm fresh flowers, the ones that make their way to a farmers market near you on through our online flower deliveries across Melbourne.

Are farm animals also provide hours of joy, amusement and sometimes amazement. Our flock is a mix of dorper wiltipolls, initially selected for their self shedding wool characterists, though I must say most of our small flock generally rocks a more reggae style.

Eleanor has been a mum before, in July she had twins Finn and Rey. Mandy has a starwars theme going on! These guys gave us a bit of trouble and for a while I thought bottle feeding was on the cards. But eventually nature sorted it self out and we were spared 4 hourly bottle feeding for weeks and weeks.

Lambs are an absolute joy to have around, watching them play and explore is so enjoyable, some much light hearted relief. Finn has taken to practising his headbuts whenever he gets a chance.

In the coming weeks we will introduce more of the family.

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