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RIP Gidget

Our 6 year old french bulldog passed last week. One day she was racing into the surf on a Queensland beach chasing her ball, 2 days later a kind vet informs us Gidget has lymphoma. Two weeks later she passed in Mandy’s arms while we were returning home from holidays.

Gidget burned brightly, a joyous companion, we are deeply saddened. But this blog post is not intended to be a sad affair. As I reflect upon why her passing has affected me so deeply I realise she was a gift. For Gidget played a key role in helping us both cope with a lot in her 6 years with us; the passing of both our fathers, the loss of a business and resultant financial hardship, years of covid 19 lock downs, and 2 significant car crashes!

How did she help? Well Gidget approached every day, no matter how routine or repetitive, with contagious energy and enthusiasm. She played with boundless joy, ate and drank as if it was her first meal, and loved. And, at the end of the day, every day, having completely emptied the tank she found Mandy’s lap and sleep deeply.

I never thought about it at the time, but with Gidget around there was no room for melancholy, she simply wouldn’t allow it. That was her gift to us.

Life moves forward, one small step at a time. I will forever remember her and I have distilled Gidget’s life lessons for me (for you);

  • Everyday is a gift, enthusiastically embrace it

  • Play, play, play

  • Live in the moment

  • Eat enthusiastically

  • Love unconditionally

  • Sleep deeply

If you have lost a family member or friend recently I send you a virtual hug and lots of love.

Wayne & Mandy

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