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Meet Dobbie

The elderly statesman on the farm. We are not entirely sure his age, he arrived at the farm as part of a ‘package deal’ back in early 2018 with his buddy Max, the two were inseparable.

Unfortunately Max passed earlier this year in a tragic accident leaving Dobbie on his own and we were naturally worried how he would get on without him. He moped around for a few weeks but he has taken an interest in the lambs and seems to have taken on some of the cheeky behaviour Max was known for.

Dobbie likes talking, he has the funniest deep horse voice, and particular likes sneaking into adjacent paddocks when the sheep are moved breaking into a canter and making noises of delight!

On the farm Dobbies job is the entertainer, to put a smile on our faces and to remind us not everything needs to be about the commercial aspects of farming. Of course we compost his poop but unlike the other farm animals we have to manage (ie limit) what he eats otherwise we would have one fat little horse😄

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